When Your House Floods…

I woke up at 5am on Tuesday morning almost two weeks ago to the sound of my husband yelling. I jumped out of bed, ran out of our room and realized immediately what was wrong.

My feet started sloshing through water. Lots of water.

My husband ran out the front door to turn the water off. I ran into the garage and grabbed the shop vac. We started desperately trying to clean the water up, to save our beautiful wood floors.

Every time we thought we found the end of the water, we would walk in another room and find more. It went under the walls, under the cabinets and into almost every room of our house.

We called my parents at 6am and asked them to come over with their shop vac. They showed up about a half hour later and found us still feverishly working to get the water cleaned up. The kids woke up not long after, and the poor things were so confused about why we had water everywhere. “Everything is WET!” my little guy said. Thankfully, most of our bedroom had been spared so we set them up in our bed while they watched cartoons. My mom got them ready and took them to school while the rest of us worked.

The whole time we were working, I had it in my head that we would be able to save our floors. I love our wood floors. They are in perfect condition. They are one of the reasons we bought our house two years ago. Once we got all the water up off the floor, we set fans all over our house, and even had a few dehumidifiers we borrowed. I remained optimistic.


We called our insurance agent as soon as we could – his phone was ringing even before 9am. He connected us to a local disaster recovery team and they told us they were going to try to get to our house as soon as possible. At this point, we weren’t sure what to do next. We had cleaned up everything we could, we had cranked down low, had fans blowing on high and just…waited.

I took a few moments to assess the situation and reflect a bit. I had no idea how things would turn out, but I knew I could still be thankful in the midst of it. How?

I realized pretty quickly that as rough as my day felt, there were many people out there whose rough day that same morning made mine look so trivial in comparison. I found myself thankful that it is just “stuff” – it can all be replaced. We are healthy. We are safe. We are together. We have much to be thankful for.

When the disaster recovery team arrived, they informed me that things were much worse than I had originally thought. All the floors had to be removed. All of the baseboards were torn out. The carpet in every room would have to be replaced. Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets were going to need replaced too.


A very ordinary Tuesday turned into a very serious home renovation.

And so we’re in the process o putting our lives back together. In the meantime, we are living with my in-laws, picking out paint colors, choosing new cabinets, and trying to figure out how to stretch the insurance money we are getting as far as we can by doing some of it ourselves. No, this is not a home renovation/DIY blog (not by a LONG sho) but I’d love to keep you involved as things progress. At the very least, I’ll try to check in periodically to keep you updated as things move forward.

Amazing how quickly life can change, isn’t it?

Have you ever experienced an unexpected home renovation due to a house flood or similar event?





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9 Responses to When Your House Floods…

  1. Kim

    Oh no!!! That’s awful. Good for you for having a good attitude about it though. Good luck with the unexpected renovations!!!

  2. Oh my! That is such a shame. I’m sorry you have to go through this but I am so impressed with your outlook! Good luck! Hope things go as smoothly as possible 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Ugh 🙁 We had a burst pipe a few years ago and had to go through a similar process in our kitchen and dining area. Yeah, of course, things could be worse, but at least you have insurance and family nearby to help out. But it’s OK to feel frustrated. Make sure you have a good warranty on the work, because if it was a plumbing issue, it could recur. We actually had to go back and repair the same piping after the insurance company’s repair shop screwed it up the first time.

  4. Oh no! Do you know what caused the issue? Good luck with all of it!

  5. Rachel

    I am so sorry. That is so stressful!! We came home from a quick Christmas weekend to see that our shower had been turned on full blast (the rambunctious kitten was blamed, though really, who knows?) and the entire home was a steamy steamy sauna. Our plaster walls peeled, nails popped out of swollen woodwork, doors were stuck and the ceiling fans wilted due to the extreme humidity. We had to move out for 3 months while it was repaired. It took me longer to get there than you, but I agree — it was just stuff. My family and pets were safe. Eight years later, we laugh about it. And still blame that silly cat.

  6. Joy

    When I was 19 my house burned down. We lost everything. My mom dad and I quickly learned that although it was awful to lose so much all at once we gained so much more. I look bad at the over year it took to rebuild and remember neighbors who brought us clothes and had a yard sale fundraiser, friends who created a Christmas tree in our living room and sent out letters to everyone we knew and asked them to send us an ornament off their tree so we would have ornaments with memories etc etc. I hope that you too will remember the good parts and forget the sad. xoxo

  7. We felt the same way after our house was broken into. It’s crazy how the bad things in life can make you realize just how lucky you are. I know it is inconvenient, but it will all work out! Thinking of you!

  8. I hope everything gets fixed quite quickly!

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