She Looks Like Me

Growing up, most characters I saw on television looked pretty much like me. I loved watching shows like Little House on the Prairie, Inspector Gadget…I never had a hard time finding people on my tv screen that looked like me and my family.

My daughter has a very different reality.

Yes, we celebrate that one of Daniel Tiger’s friends looks like her. And she feels a connection with Doc McStuffins because of her darker skin. But unlike my childhood, it’s not easy for her to find characters that look like her and her family.

That is…until Nella.

I didn’t even realize this was something my daughter noticed until she started watching the new Nick Jr show, “Nella: The Princess Knight.” She realized it right away.

“Mommy! She looks like me!”

“Look Mommy! Her Mommy is white and her Daddy is black – just like mine! They look like us!”

She finally saw her reality reflected on the tv screen in front of her. It doesn’t hurt that Nella’s favorite color is purple, just like hers.

I posted about her excitement on Facebook and a friend (who is also mixed race) said, “Representation matters! So wish shows like this had existed when I was a kid. I am so glad she gets to see ‘herself’ on tv.”

I am too.

Thank you, Nick Jr, for creating a show with a character for beautiful little girls like mine and reminding us all of the beauty and strength in our diversity.

Now to figure out how to convince my daughter stop insisting that we call her Nella… 😉

Is there a particular show or character your child identifies with on tv? Did you identify with a certain character as a child? 

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